Challenge to you… do a web search on meditation, especially benefits of meditation.  You will be inundated with information.  Health, well-being, personal growth, cures for just about every affliction available.

The best reason of all is that meditation makes you feel good.  You have to learn how to reach a state of meditation.  It takes practice.  Meditation comes easily to some people.  Other people take a long time to reach even limited periods of mind quiet.  It is always worthwhile.

Calm and Quiet

When you are in a meditational state your mind quiets down.  You stop worrying.  You stop thinking about problems, or people, or the world around you.  You just sort of drift, doing your best to keep you mind blank.  You do this by imagining a sound, or an imaginary scene, or anything that occupies your brain without doing anything else.  Many people concentrate on the breathing, sometimes with the help of a mantra.  The mentally say a word to themselves as they breathe in, and another word as they breathe out.  There are many other meditation techniques as you will find from your web search.

I have been meditating for many years, and find it immensely helpful.   If I have insomnia, which is increasing frequent as I approach ancient age, I meditate.  The wakefulness changes from a problem to an opportunity.  If things go well I can easily transition from the meditative state to normal sleep, which is a further benefit.

We are living in a stressful world and its not getting better.  It would be ridiculously redundant to list all the problems that are facing us now.  Just read any decent newspaper or news magazine.  Enough to induce clinical depression.  Add in the financial insecurity of the majority of Americans and you get a very potent mix of downers.  It’s really hard to have any peace of mind in these perilous times.

Meditation offers major relief to the anxiety that is all to frequent today.  Yes, you really can control your thoughts and your mood to a great extent.  Yes, it takes practice and discipline.  It’s worth it.

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