Facebook has two billion users, over ¼ of the world’s population.  It also is totally out of control.

Facebook is not only overrated; it is both hazardous and big time dangerous.  In the Senate hearings it came out that Mark Zuckerberg is clueless about what is going on in his own company.  Studies show that Facebook usage correlates with depression.

Two billion regular users, two billion sets of personal information available both legitimately and unlawfully.

Votes Bought

Its history of malfeasance includes the Cambridge Analytica purchase of 75 million user info information files and their subsequent use to swing elections here there and who know where else.  Along with general numbing of the mind and heart, not to mention possible league with the DEVIL.

It turns out that Facebook is a major opportunity for espionage.  There is no question that Russia interfered with the recent presidential election through fake Facebook ads.  I suspect strongly that they used similar techniques to promote the Brexit vote in Great Britain.  Facebook provides a singularly effective tool for saboteurs.  Effective enough to essentially bring down a government.  Enough to curl your hair.

Stop the Insanity

Want a quick fix way to be a happier person?  Cancel your Facebook account.  Right now.  And keep it canceled.  Your life will improve the minute you do this.  You may go through a rather difficult withdrawal period, like quitting cigarettes.   But you will end up a much better and much happier person.  What will you do with all the extra time you now have?  Interesting question.  Pick something you really like to do and concentrate on it.  Make it just difficult to be challenging and you get extra points.

Granted, there are good reasons to keep your Facebook account. Keeping in touch with old friends. Posting updates on what you had for dinner. Vacation escapades that make your friends jealous… or happy for you. And connecting with those you lost touch with.

You need to weigh the pros and cons on whether or not Facebook is for you. In some cases it is. Other times… not so much.




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