We all want to be happy. For some it’s easy. For some it’s not so easy. Here’s a quick path to happiness for everyone. It’s done with two lists of amazing power.

First List

Write down everything you can think of that makes you happy. Like being with friends, loving someone, appreciating nature, making money, whatever. Put everything in the list that brings you pleasure. Everyone is unique, and your list will be different from all others. Your list is private, so put down everything you can think of.

Then, one by one, give thanks for each item in your list. Remember what it feels like to be experience that particular item. Give thanks to the other people involved, give thanks to yourself, and give thanks to the universe that brings you this gratification.

Then notice how you feel. Repeat this exercise as often as needed.

Second List

Think of things in your life that you would like to change in order to have a better experience in this world. List all of them. Include everything, like relationships, work experience, finances, health, habits… everything in your world that you would like to improve.

Next to each item add a specific action you could take to experience the improvement. Then add a scheduled date for this action.

You have just created your life plan. Make a copy and put it where you can see it every day. Remember that a plan is a guide, not a rigid set of rules. Modify your plan and your schedule as you progress on your path to happiness. You will remove some items as you achieve them, and will add more as your goals become clearer to you.

Why this works.

What happens in your external world is simply an expression of what happens in your inner world. In other words, you continually shape and form what happens to you by your own inner thoughts. Your two lists are a way to shape your thoughts to achieve happiness.

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