If you want to know what a person is likely to do in the future, take a look at their past behavior.  It’s the best indicator.  The same holds true for countries.

Like all countries the world over, China will always act in its own best interests.  Many years ago China annexed Tibet.  There was almost no resistance as Tibet had essentially no military.  The rest of the world did nothing except protest feebly.  China invaded Tibet for it wealth of natural resources, and as part of its general expansionist philosophy.  The best way to protect your borders against contraction is to expand them.  Russia has the same policy.  Their annexation of Crimea was fairly recent.  Nazi Germany was an extreme case.  The United States is no exception; remember Texas, California and the Oregon Territory, all under President Polk.

China’s Intentions

So we can count on China to expand whenever possible.  Right now they seem to have Taiwan in their sights, along with a bunch of intervening islands.  We can expect continuing pressure.  They are waiting for the right opportunity, knowing that the rest of the world will protest vigorously and do nothing.

You don’t have to be a genius to know China’s intentions.  They have two slogans; Belt and Road, and Made in China 2025.  Both are versions of expansion.  Belt and Road is China’s plan to establish trade routes, agreements and economic interests throughout the world.  They are revitalizing the old Silk Road, the path between China and Europe.  They are rebuilding their own infrastructure.  There are over 15,000 miles of bullet train tracks and still growing.  Compared to the United States which has none.

The belt part of Belt and Road refers to ocean shipping.  All part of a major industrial expansion.

The Chinese government calls the initiative “a bid to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future while critics call it a push by China to take a larger role in global affairs with a China-centered trading network.

Big Investments

It’s more than a huge increases in land and sea transport.  China is investing in projects all over the world, like Africa, South America, even the United States.  Their objective is clearly to displace us as the major world power.

Made in China 2025 expresses their goal to produce more and better technology than any other country within that time frame.  At the rate they are going they will succeed.   Made in China 2025 is a blueprint for Beijing’s plan to transform the country into a hi-tech powerhouse that dominates advanced industries like robotics, advanced information technology, aviation, and new energy vehicles.  Their goal is to eliminate all dependence on other countries for anything related to technology.

One way that China is achieving this goal is by stealing the technology secrets of the rest of the world.  They are not alone.  Every industrialized country with a halfway decent spy program is stealing everything they can.  Only we don’t call it stealing, possibly counter-espionage?  Sounds better.

Around 30 years ago it seemed that Japan was taking over the world.  I remember when the signs at the Seattle Tacoma airport were bilingual; English and Japanese.  Things are different now.  You might want to brush up on your Cantonese.

Don’t Worry… Be Happy

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