When I was a kid I loved magic tricks.  I spent all my allowance money on gadgets designed to deceive.  But my favorite magic tricks were the ones I made for myself.  I still have one stowed away somewhere in the garage.  It’s a King of Clubs from a deck of cards.  When you operate a lever on the back of the card the King tips his crown.

I used to sit at my desk for hours at a time making things.  Why?  Because it felt really good to be creating something, something that would last, something that would amuse people, something that somehow made a difference in the world, no matter how small.

Passed Down to My Kids

When my own children were growing up we had a neighbor who spent all his spare time in his garage making real life airplanes, something you could actually sit in and fly around.  A very small experimental craft, always beautifully made.  Bob would complete one, fly it once, sell it and then start over.  He had no interest in flying.  He just liked to make things.  His everyday job was incredibly dull and repetitive, plan checking for a local city.  He was intelligent and creative, and took great joy in his one man airplane production line.

Almost everyone is creative in one way or another.  What is your greatest pleasure?  Are you a creative artist, or do painting or enjoy singing or playing an instrument?  Are you a creative gardener, able to bring the joy of flowers to your yard, or the pleasure of fresh vegetables to your table?  What is the greatest source of joy in your life?

Simple Solution to Happiness

There is something that you are really good at, better than almost anyone you know.  Want to be happier?   Do more of what you really enjoy.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.  Whatever it is, give it more time and give it everything you have.

One thing I really like to do is write.  That’s why I write these articles.  I hope you enjoy them.  I also write daily messages.  You might want to sign up at www.truefortunes.com.  Guaranteed to start your day with a cheerful note.

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