How it got to be the way it is. And what you can do about it.

We have now talked about your subconscious mind and how it runs your life. First your semi-autonomous functions like walking. Then your full autonomous functions like body processes. Breathing and digesting and the like.

We then talked about two other subconscious functions…filtering the inputs you receive so you can process them, and automating your responses so you can handle them. These two areas are extremely important. These are the two areas of your subconscious mind that determine your level of happiness and your satisfaction. In fact they determine your entire life, because they control how you relate to other people. Your relationships with other people literally determine your success or failure in life…they are the major factor in your happiness and success.

Two Aspects

There are two aspects of your relationships. First is how you are perceived by other people. This is your image. Your responses to other people control your image, and other people’s perception of your image controls how they treat you. If you come off as an angry and threatening person they will avoid you and treat you badly. If you come off as friendly and well intentioned they will treat you well and bring you opportunities. It’s that simple.

Second is how you perceive other people and the world around you. Some people have an internal belief that the world is bad and threatening. As a result they are overly sensitive to bad news and are generally negative. They automatically reject any optimistic news and ignore it, so their world is always negative. These people unconsciously create exactly the world that they expect.

Other people have an internal belief that the world is good and that good things will happen to them. These people treat bad news as part of the game, and almost always find something good about what is happening to them. These people attract good fortune.

Internal Belief System

Your internal belief system determines your perception of other people and the world around you, and also determines how you appear to other people in your world. Your internal belief system is a major part of your subconscious mind. It is the map of the world that you carry with you, below your level of awareness. It is your guide and your compass, your source of information and direction. You don’t know that it is there, but it is guiding you at all times.

So where did this internal map come from? It is the end product of all of your many years of experience on this planet. But most of your map’s construction took place when you were very young, even prenatal.

When you were born your first task was survival. You were totally helpless, completely at the mercy of your adult caretakers who most likely were irrational to some degree. We all are, you know. The difference is mainly in the style and degree of the irrationality. So you had to accommodate to a family with its own styles of irrational behavior, which they learned in turn when they were very young and so on. You literally inherited the behaviors and beliefs of your family, in order to get along with them, in order to predict their behaviors, and in order to stay out of trouble with them.

It worked, didn’t it? You are alive today. You survived infancy and childhood. And you have an inner belief system and a subconscious mind that you developed when you were very young, in order to handle a situation that is now long past. But it still functions in exactly the same way as it did when you were little. And that’s what this report is all about…how to change your belief system and subconscious mind for the better. You are about to learn how you can change your belief system for the better, literally reprogram your subconscious mind for happiness. So here’s the first hint…the process starts with awareness. Before you can change something you have to be aware of it. So start now with the idea that you can become aware of your subconscious mind. You will learn a number of ways to do this.

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