There have been 18 school shootings so far this year and it is only mid-February.  Throughout the years there have been Columbine, Sandy Hook and many more.  People are saying that there is nothing we can do about it.  They are wrong.  There is something we can indeed do about this intolerable situation, but it will be difficult.

Why is the situation so intractable?  Because we are a nation of guns and gun-lovers.  There are guns everywhere.  Any government attempts to control guns are thwarted by the NRA, the gun manufacturers, the huge redneck population and a lot of people whom you would not suspect.  Like my darling wife.  I don’t like guns but manage to shoot acceptably when properly cajoled.  But between us we own a 20 gauge shot gun, a 22 caliber target pistol and several automatic pistols of varying lethality.  I haven’t asked the neighbors about their guns.  If you are in the vicinity I can show you several of Margo’s targets, which show her amazing marksmanship.  Two of her targets hang in our garage.

History of Guns and Violence

The United States of America has a long history of guns and violence.  Like the Old West.  Also the American Revolution.  We are the only one of Britain’s many colonies to depart violently.  Guns are a way of life for many of us.  One proposed solution to the gun violence problem is to arm more people so the good guys can fight back.  Somehow this does not seem too reasonable.

Any attempt to get our government to limit guns is doomed.  How about better law enforcement?  How about security measures at schools?

I have no idea how police could possibly detect and limit the activities of teenage males bent on mayhem.  The police are already super busy chasing known criminals and solving crimes.  They don’t have the resource to monitor suspicious teenagers.

Schools can clamp down as much as they want.  Search stations at every entrance, routine locker probes and so on.  A determined teenage sociopath armed with an automatic weapon will simply walk right in, or even shoot his way in.

There is a Solution

Sound hopeless?  It isn’t.  Here’s a possible solution.

It’s up to the parents of the school children to take control of the situation.  They and their children are the victims.  These mothers and fathers are close to the situation and are very concerned.  There are things they can do to alleviate the situation.

First, a national organization, somewhat similar to MADD.  Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.  MADD has been effective in stiffening legislation that deals with drunk drivers.  A similar organization could at least stiffen up some of the rules.  Like unregulated sales of weapons at gun shows.

Next, a group of local organizations, one for each school. We might call it the PTAP, or Parent Teachers Association Patrol.  Of course the PTA exists now, what with bake sales, financial support and so on.  Let’s extend this function to an intelligence gathering organization, sort of a watchdog to spot and track aberrant behavior.  Turns out that we know a lot about the assassins who shoot up our children.

  • They are male.
  • They are social misfits. They do not mix with other students.
  • They are often active on Facebook and other social media. They pen weird messages.
  • They usually are either currently attending the school or did formerly.
  • They are sociopaths. (See separate article on how to spot a sociopath)

Armed with these criteria, it would be possible to identify almost all of the potential assassins.  With enough people in an organization it should be also be possible to set up a tracking system as well as an alert system to let people know when one of the putative perps alters his behavior.  This would trigger increased surveillance, even a cordon.  Surround the school with PTAP staffers.

Of course all of the PTAP vigilantes on patrol would be heavily armed.

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