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With close to nine decades of living an amazing life, David Lee’s perspective is always fresh, somewhat quirky, often humorous and always on time. With a desire to continually transform the way people view their daily lives, David created True Fortunes.

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Join the Dots (2018)

Discover what others have to say about True Fortunes:

Great sentiment as usual. How about just recovering some of my youth? To heck with the sensitivity!  Thank you so much for me always being entertained by your fabulous works of art!  Truly enjoy them…every day!!!


There’s nothing like waking up to a True Fortune. It either gives me a good chuckle or it gives me something to ponder. Thanks David.


David’s daily True Fortunes are words of wisdom and works of art. I wake up and immediately check my emails for them. They truly make my day! I’m not sure how I did without them!!!


I would love to recommend your happy, positive, silly, funny and most of all meaningful messages to everyone!  They cheer me up and make me laugh just when I least expect it and I like to thank you for that David

You are the best for taking the time to make us happy!!!!


You never know what you’re gonna get with a True Fortune. It might just be a moment of amusement, or it might really make you think and change your entire day. Either way, they’re always fun.


By the way, love the True Fortunes: always brings a little wisdom and a smile too.


Haven’t thanked you enough for your daily messages – so relevant, comforting, inspiring, funny!

Onik Tatrakhan

I have known David Lee for 40 years.  He has been my mentor, counselor, friend, and confidante.  The wisdom, humor, and insight he offers has been gained through years of learning and education, both through traditional means such as several degrees and as a student of life.

His keen wit and brilliant observations are worth paying attention to.  I read every True Fortune message he creates.

I get just the right message at just the right time.  Sometimes, it is pure silliness that he offers and I smile.  He reminds me to maintain a sense of humor in this often-crazy world.

Linda Rose

I so look forward to seeing my daily True Fortunes in my email. A good laugh, a rare gem, or sometimes a thought provoking idea. Such a treat!  Thanks David


Insightful, sarcastic or sometimes just plain silly! You really never know what you’ll get with True Fortunes Daily Cookie Messages!

D Bembry

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of your True Fortunes! Every day I look forward to receiving your priceless words of wisdom. They have helped me in my travel through life, more than you will ever know. Thank you.


I so look forward to seeing my daily True Fortunes in my email.  A good laugh, a rare gem, or sometimes a thought provoking idea.  Such a treat!  Thanks David

Linda West

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