It ain’t easy.  The bad news is in overflow.  Global warming with rising oceans and severe climate disturbance.  Democracies morphing inexorably into dictatorships.  And so on, almost endlessly.  It’s easy to be depressed.  Just let you mind dwell on all the unfortunate things that are happening.

You could always turn off your internet, take a hammer to every TV in the house, and drop you cell phone in the nearest rain barrel.  Neither productive nor possible for most of us. Isolation might work, but the side effects are grim.

Back to Basics

The only approach that seems to work is to go back to the basics.  Develop inner strength.  Appreciate your family and friends and all the wonderful relationships you have. Spend as young friendsmuch time as possible with them.  Relationships are healing.

Develop inner strength.  This is a long and continuing process.  Both very simple, and at the same time multi-faceted.  Have you ever been in therapy?  I know you don’t need it, but you might be surprised at the benefits.  The better your mental health, the better the results.

If you are having mental or emotional problems, by all means find a therapist.  If you can’t afford one find a community assistance program.  On the Internet.  Or call me for a recommendation.

One of the best paths to peace of mind is meditation.  Ever tried it?  Maybe now is the time.  Meditation teaches you how to obtain serenity, not only while meditating but afterwards as well.  There are many ways to meditate.  An Internet search will offer you many paths.  Try several and find the one that suits you.

Are you serious about being a happier person?  Are you willing to put in a little time and effort?  Then read my book, “The Happiness Handbook”.  It’s on Kindle, Amazon and also my web site

Do you ever listen to audio recordings?  Take a look at  Take you pick from these free downloads.  A good way to improve you attitude; fast and easy.

My best to you in your search for tranquility.


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