Most of have to work for a living.  Most of us who work don’t like it.  Why?

First, your boss.  If you are lucky your boss is kind, considerate of you, and helps you succeed at your job.  If you are unlucky your boss is unpleasant to you and makes your job difficult in any number of ways.

Second, the organization.  You are part of a social organization that may or may not help you do good work.  You may be putting in a lot of time and effort just to fit in a system that is not natural to you.

Third, the regimentation.  Given your choice, would you really like to be told when to start work, when to go home, when to take lunch, and also have a whole bunch of rules to follow?

And last, the nature of the work.  Given you choice, would you really be doing what you do at work?  What would you really like to do?

If you are really lucky, you enjoy your work and would gladly choose it.  Most of us worker bees are not that lucky.  So how can you be happy at work?

Steps to Enjoying Work

The first step is to start working for yourself.  Make a promise to yourself to achieve a set goal every day as you start work.  Then make a game of it.  You win if you achieve your goal faster, or better, or beat your previous record.

Second step, learn to meditate.  A few minutes of meditation every day will give you the tranquility and mental strength to deal with almost anything that comes up.  It’s like magic.  Do an Internet search on meditation and you will find a lot of information.  Take a look at www.happy and download any of the free recordings.

Third, find a way to achieve some sort of satisfaction at work.  It may be to allow yourself a cup of coffee or a snack, but only after completing a task or putting in a certain amount of time.

Fourth, ask yourself how you could improve conditions for everyone at work.  Maybe a small act of kindness.  Maybe an improvement suggestion.  Maybe you take your boss out to lunch.  Or just tell your boss that you appreciate what they do for you.

Last, here’s a book for you; “The Art of Happiness at Work”, by the Dalai Lama.

And of course, The Happiness Handbook, that I wrote. A great resource for those looking for easy to apply methods to be happy.


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