What is the future of war?  Everything else is changing, so we can also expect major changes in very nature of warfare.

First, a few facts about the military:

Armed forces all over the world are developing robotic assists for soldiers, like motorized armored suits that resemble Ironman.

What’s Changing

Artificial Intelligence is being developed for warfare by every branch of the armed services.

Submarines are getting quieter and less detectable, while submarine sensors are becoming more and more sensitive and their range is increasing. 

Drone warfare is becoming increasingly popular.  Several companies are developing master drones that are filled with intelligent computers and guidance systems. These master drones support hundreds of rather stupid drones that fly in formation around the master.  A possibility for bargain basement massive attacks.

Every reasonably sized country in the world is developing computer warfare capability, most of it frightening if not downright terrifying.

There is considerable budget pressure on the military everywhere.  Human soldiers can be considerably costlier than the military machines that replace them.

Other factors

Large companies are steadily growing larger and are gobbling up small companies, especially those with advanced technology.  The number of companies listed on various stock exchanges had come way down.

Many companies are going private, meaning that they are buying back their stock.  Once they become private, details of their operations are no longer public knowledge.

Large companies are taking over functions formerly run by the government.  SpaceX and Boeing now furnish space boosters at a much lower cost than NASA.  We are talking about really privatizing the Post Office.  A major part of our penal system is now run by private corporations.

Computer systems are now running the entire world.  Individuals like you and me, companies small and large, and governments.  Most of these computer systems are laughably insecure.

Some possible conclusions from all of this:

Future wars will probably be fought with computer attacks.  This is by far the least expensive way, and the most devastating.  Also the most humane, as if anyone cares.

The wars may be fought by governments, which is most likely.  However there is a fairly decent possibility that an independently funded organization could also wage a computer war, and even win.  Lex Luthor may resurrect despite his rather unfortunate encounters with Superman.

If an intensive computer war happens everything will shut down.  We are totally dependent on our wireless technology for most everything in our life.  No telephones, no TV, no GPS, no electrical power, maybe gas and water if we are lucky, no emergency service.  Total chaos.  Everyone under age 30 will go totally insane with no Facebook, no texting and no computer games.  People who remember how to read and write cursive may survive.  The rest will need serious bed rest.

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