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This message was written before people started to sign up for their one-way ticket to Mars.  Expect a rather significant exodus once interplanetary travel becomes a tad easier. 
Keep doing things the same way you have been doing them and you can expect the same results that you have been getting.  Along with an uneasy sense that you are missing something, and that time seems to be passing more quickly than you would like.  Your challenge for today is to vary the routine and try something brand new, possibly in the “unthinkable” category. 
Entertaining message
To all us chocolate addicts, the benefits of this immaculate confection are too numerous to mention.  The food of the Gods, not to mention us lesser mortals. 
Laugh for you
If you think that childhood is difficult, try being a parent.  The best you can do is to try and avoid the mistakes that your parents made with you. 
Offbeat humor
Not only easier in the first place, but also much more readily reversed in case you discover that you have made a truly bad mistake. 
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Today you are older than you have ever been.
You are younger than you will ever be again.
Think about it.  Enough to make your head swim.  Today’s the day to do something you thought impossible or at least unlikely.
Start your day with a smile!
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